Pacific Science Congressがはじまった。


It's been two days since getting to Kuala Lumpur. The congress has begun. I woke up late, at 8am, probably because I am still tired from all of the traveling. At the congress, I met Jamie, from Ryu-Dai; he's had hair, so I didn't recognize him! There aren't many from Japan here, although in the session on telemedicine, all of the speakers are Japanese.

キーノートスピーカーはCSIROのDr. Wenju Cai(気候変動のモデラ)とマレージア政府のDzulkifli Abdul Razak先生(持続可能なアジア2060という発表でした)。どちらの発表者は納得するようなこととわけの分からない発言をしていました。正直いって、あまりサイエンスじゃないなとおもった。なによりもスペキュレーション。だって、将来日本と韓国は海の底まで沈み、ニュージーランドはオウストラリアの50%あたりの面積に増えるんだってさ。United States Empireもローマと同じように衰退するらしい。いいなじゃない。わけが分からん。

The keynote speakers for today were CSIRO's Dr. Wenju Cai, who is apparently a climate modeler and the Vice Chancellor of USM and a member of the Malaysian Government Prof. Dzulkifli Abdul Razak (gave a talk titled "Sustainable Asia 2060"). What they said made much sense, although at times they made very little sense at all. To be honest, there wasn't much science in their talks, or not what I was expecting. Can you believe that in the future Japan and Korea will sink beneath the waves and New Zealand will be half-the-size of Australia. Oh, and the United States Empire will fade away as the Romans did. Whatevahs.  


Tonight, I will sleep and sleep. Tomorrow I need to revise my presentation. Apparently we are restricted to 12 slides.


And by the way, the internet is terrible. I think Japan has it good (most hotels provide FREE internet service). Outside of Japan, internet connection in hotels are pay-for service. So I though I could rely on docomo and the data roaming/connection service. Well, Maxis (one of Malaysias big telecoms) doesn't let me connect to the internet. This really sucks big-time. So don't expect up-to-the-minute updates.
クアラルンプールのペトロナスツインタワーズ、とにかくデッカい!The Petronas Towers of Kuala Lumpur.

大会開始!Let it begin...