What the New Year will look like...

So it is the New Year, and I am expecting it to be hectic.

1) We are getting a new building at the Institute for East China Sea Research. They are building it, since we really don't have much space in the old one. The office I am in know is a converted lab, and I share it with 2 others (1 postdoc and 1 Asst. Prof.). Easy to be sociable, but can be noisy at times.

They started on the foundation in late November 2013.

2) The new building is supposed to be ready by the end of the fiscal year (2014 March), but there will be a lot of headaches associated with moving in. First of all, one our staff is retiring and his old equipment will be setup in the new and old buildings. Second of all, he will get an office, so we need to prepare for that. At the same time, I need to move out of the old office and into my new one, and I need to move some of my equipment to the new building as well.

3) Master's student is graduating and so is the 4th-year student. I hope.

4) PhD wannabe is take the entrance exams and be part of my lab.

5) Grad student from Shanghai will be an exchange student in my lab next year.

6) At least 1 new 4th-year student will join my lab, and the current 4th-year student will become a Master's student.

7) The old Nissan station-wagon that we have been using at the center just might get a replacement, and hopefully it will be a van.

8) We have three more field trips at Omura Bay, and probably 2 in Amakusa with Yuuki's lab.

9) Then we have the national university entrance exams, the exams to enter the grad school, and the graduation ceremony.