Kotoe's experiment on mixing

Kotoe is a 4th-year student, who just happens to adore this fish called 「ゴンズイ」 (Plotosus japonicus). Anyways, she convinced me to let her incorporate this fish into her senior thesis, which all undergrads must complete at the Faculty of Fisheries of Nagasaki University. I was initially rather apprehensive, since the thing has poisonous spines in the dorsal fin, but nevertheless...

So she is working on evaluating the effects of swimming in macrophyte canopies, to see if the swimming changes the way water mixes in the canopy. This is important, since it is not unusual for water in the coastal areas of Omura Bay to be rather still and slow moving.

She set up a short acrylic flow-through flow-chamber at the outdoor cultivation deck, and just added some sargassum (Sargassum thunbergii) and P. japonicus. On either end are a pair of chlorophyll-a sensors to measure the dye-concentration coming in and going out of the working section (this is where all the organisms are).

The results are looking pretty good, and if we are lucky we might be able to get it published somewhere.