The end of the year mochi-tsuki.

At the end of every year, we make mochi at the Institute for the New Years. This year, I had to class on the day of the mochi-tsuki (mochi making) event, so I didn't get a chance to participate much.

Anyways, the students steamed more than 30 kg of mochi-rice, and set to work pounding it into white and sticky mochi. So this is the traditional way.

Whereas, this is the modern way. You feed the top hopper with steamed mochi-rice, and the mochi comes out the other end.

The mochi is then formed into balls and put into little baggies.

Of course, we also grill some crabs and oysters while we're waiting for the mochi-rice to get cooked. This year, we also had salmon, yellow-tail sashimi, and yellow-tail and daikon nitsuke.