Masters student presentations

Today, the Faculty of Fisheries are having the Masters student research presentations. A total of 32 students will give their best to provide a good story about their work over the past two years. From my Institute for East China Sea Research, there are four students giving their talks. Two from the fish reproductive biology lab, one from mine, and another from the movement ecology lab.

However not everything went smoothly, I really don't know why, but my grad student decided to use some fancy fonts, that were apparently uncommon enough to require him to bring his pc to the talks. Moreover, when it was his turn to talk, the pc didn't want to talk to the projector... Eventually things got started, which was fine, but in the midst of his talk, a popup message came on. Good grief.

Well his talk went ok, it was about determining field rates of primary production in the seagrass meadows and sargassum forests of Omura Bay. He had to field a few good questions about spatial scale and sampling methods. I just wished that he would have prepared better, and read that paper I kept telling him to read!

Anyways, the talk is finished, and all he has to do is finish his thesis.