National exams week is finished, round 2 is coming up.

So the national exams are finished, and I survived my first time being an examiner. They (university) only trusted me to proctor the first two exams in the natural sciences, so I only had to be there for the morning. However, my colleagues were there all day.

Apparently, and I didn't know this, the students do not need to take all of the sections, which includes the natural sciences, history, language, math, and etc. For example, after they receive their scores, they then apply to sit the exam for the university and program they aspire to enroll in. Not all programs require all the sections of the national exam, so if the program does not request a history score, then it is likely that the student will skip the history exam.

Anyways, there were quite a few no shows for the natural science exams. I hope all the students scored well.

The exams and answers are made public, so hit the link to take a look (in Japanese).