Oral exam...


The entrance exams for the graduate school was held yesterday. Written exam in the morning and an oral exam in the afternoon. Since the grad school was reorganized this year, there are now two courses available. A 2+3 year course (MS + PhD) and a 5 year course (PhD) aimed at nurturing scientists and researchers that are internationally active. In principle courses are in taught in English, students will also study in affiliated overseas universities, and in general gain a boat-load of experience. Plus we will dole out a scholarship (monthly stipend). Right now, there are 3 students, and according to rumors there are at least 5 applicants for next year. I'm not sure how many for the 2+3 course, but my student is one of them.


He's been actively collecting points from Coca-Cola cans, so I wonder if he actually studied for the exam. Probably smiled all the way through the oral exam as well...