Prof. Matsuoka's final lecture and public talk on Omura Bay

One of our professors at the Institute for East China Sea Research is retiring this March. As is customary for the professors leaving the Faculty of Fisheries of Nagasaki University, they present their final lecture that typically covers their entire career at NU.

He is one of the professors here at Nagasaki, that helped shape my career here, and will probably continue to do so, even after he retires. In fact he will probably stay on as a Professor emeritus, and we should see him more often. If things work out, he will be moving his lab from the main campus to the our campus.

Anyways, Prof. Kazumi Matsuoka gave his talk regarding dinoflagellate species diversity and paleobiology. I never realized it, but he had written a number of important papers linking the resting cysts (spores) and the adults. This type of research apparently is useful in identifying fossil records of similar cysts. 

I was also amazed that many of his former students took the time to attend his final lecture. In fact the lecture hall was almost to capacity.