Kotoe's presentation

So, Kotoe and the rest of the 4th year students at the Institute gave their thesis presentations today. I was surprised by the quality of the presentations this year. All of the students probably did their best to get the data and give an informative talk.

Her presentation was on the retention time and dispersion of a fluorescent tracer in the canopy of Sargassum thunbergii. She also got as far as examining how fish in the canopy affects the dynamics of the tracer. The images are probably a bit hard to see, but the students do their talk with powerpoint slides and need to keep it under 12 minutes (8 minutes of talk and 4 minutes of discussion).

She was able to peak Prof. Nakata's (oceanographer) interest, and he asked a few question that I think she really didn't understand. Hopefully she can address them in the thesis.

Anyways, she is staying on as a grad student in my lab, and I think she wants write up her research as a paper and do fieldwork for her masters.