Jeju Island

Ok I am in Jeju now. It is very hot and humid here, and it makes muggy Nagasaki look like paradise. There are a lot of tourists from China here, and not many from Japan. Well at least in the flight from Fukuoka to Jeju, the seats were more than 70% empty. Infact, I was the only passenger in the mid-section of the aircraft!

So I figured out how to catch the city bus to the hotel,and bought myself a T-Money card, which is just a rechargeable prepaid bus fare card. All I needed to do was take the 500 toward Halla University, but I went the opposite direction by mistake. Just got off and caught another bus back.

Prof. Matsuoka will be meeting up with me tomorrow, and so I got us some rooms in the cheaper hotels. The one the Jeju staff suggested was > 14,000 yen a night. I found place under 10,000. But it is in the back-alleys and looks like a renovated love-hotel. At least it has free wifi and good food is nearby.