Getting work done

I went to Jeju University, because we extended a number of exchange programs for another five years or so. We got to visit the new president of the university, Prof. H-J Huh, as well as the International Exchange dean, the den of the College of Ocean Sciences, and the vice dean as well.

We had a good discussion, regarding our visit and how we can improve our exchange programs. One of the key objectives of these programs is to encourage our students to interact internationally. I think we all agreed to that.

The task for them now is to find a good liaison officer, who will be interested in coordinating activity on their side. Hope they can find someone.

Anyways, large parts of the campus are being renovated and new building are popping up all over the place. The Nagasaki University Liaison Office was also moved, and is next to their public relations department.

Afterwards, we had dinner at a restaurant where they serve Jeju's famous pork.

You can see Prof. Matsuoka in the foreground on the left, the Dean of the Ocean Sciences is next to him. The lady and the gentleman to the right are from the International Exchange Department and the gentleman in the background on the left is the vice dean of Ocean Sciences.

Next week is Taiwan!