Fieldwork with Yuuki's lab

There is a lab at ECSER that interested in how floating rafts of seaweeds attract juvenile fish. Today, we went to help them collect some Sargassum horneri for their experiments. They plan to create a raft, with a load of cameras and other sensors, to see what species of fish are attracted to it.

We went to an area called Benten-Shirahama, which has a rich flora of seaweeds. In fact, there are at least 5 species of Sargassum, growing in large beds. This is rather unusual, since a lot of the coastal areas in Nagasaki has lost much of this flora.

My lab was responsible for collecting the Sargassum horneri, and their lab was given the task of transporting it back to shore.

You can barely see them in the photo, but they are in two kayaks full of Sargassum.

Another view from the wharf.